1. Forgiving

From the recording RARE GEM

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Everything that you see you understand that, everything that you hear you understand that, this soulful music to touch your soul.
And your Cry's are effortless
Love And strength that's going through me and your luxuriant. Yeah. Everything is so complete. we visualize the fest. like when they ran down on me, everything that's chaotic in my song and shattered bones. Yeah. I can give you facts that arethe topic of the discussion. Are concussions. It ain't nothing. I keep punching. she just blushing me and you still loving
Lord. Forgive me for my sins I've committed. I know that there'll be one day when the flesh is diminished back to the beginning. All the time and the world and you forgot to handle your business just walking with cold Feet in to rate rhymes we could break down when soul speak. Mac 90 shell catcher with the offspring. give a hug to yourself for not having a co-de. Yeah. Them cowards still ain't got nothing on me, and they still pretend that they run the trenches at the same time they be hiding intervention watch and pay attention be the same one standing in your kitchen. Understand love is a part of forgiving good {God O My} vision now give up for me. Give it for you Give up for me. I give up for G. I give up for G. Relaxation on breeze relaxation on a breeze give it up for me and give it up for me. At the same time, I be giving up for G and giving up for me