1. Bills

From the recording RARE GEM

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Ain't nothing happening but the bills.
Ain't nothing happening. If you cant pay your bills, why are you head over here hills
Wasting Time on popping A thousand pills. I need to hit it off this year.
And that's your girlfriend's stuff acting like you were pimping your goals untouched I'm making moves from different schools' bus lanes slow in a rush. All that smoke up in the air carburetor need to be flushed. Yeah, you coughed that up A hiccup. A wrist cut a big truck. I'm going fuck she lunch, I'm gonna bust. I don't trust a pimps cup. And you stuck. Is that chuck and the cut with that rust On my tucks. Uh, my touch. A good luck.
A backup a mac truck. shake that ass up. grab that cash up . shake that ass up. grab that cash up. shake that ass up. grab that cash up. shake that ass up.
I was just a young old pup trying to score me some game and learn how to shot in the clutch Had too much going on just to see that much. A cold paper bag man. With a cold ass lunch. I
Tried. I tried. I tried. So I tried. I tried. I tried so hard
And I'm gonna drive my car. Cause you a star. Yeah. I don't want anylace front bend that ass up I know you like to moan loud shesay I have a nice smile knock your nose down sharp arched brows and they say we moving to much. we be moving that dust. they be thirsty they lust while we be in the club. they swear they in love
All I see is lines of cain all I see is lives in pain all i see is lies and shame gave a away gave away