1. Encrypted

From the recording RARE GEM

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Oh, myo. Encrypted line no trace in my signal. Black SUV punching gas in frisco. fiends out Yeah. Huh?not attached to the cartel Used to sale fake L'S. Hilltop clientele further off in mail, picking up them shells. working with that quail. Yeah. Used to ring that bell. Mostly all my fingers. Mostly all my Schemas Running around with that. Linger. you can smell that Chiva all on his fingers. Fresh stash Sneakers bisexual Catina mess around with Lena used to know her. dealer selling back then. Yeah. When he had money he would spend mostly all my friends floating in the wind and they don't see me and they don't see me. Watch me on TV and tell me it's 3D and all you see is me. Yeah. And all I see is you, uh, watching me.
Yeah. And watching you at the bottom of the boot. Yeah. I'm back in the booth. What? And watching her get loose. Yeah. drinking grapefruit. Right. Uh, watching she Cute. Yeah. Shaking her hips. You dealing with a pimp? Yeah. I got a cool limp and I walk with a stroke. You could see my soul when I Glide in go. I get it for the low. You didn't know Lax had E-dough. He hit it from the line and he bust from the go. What? Mostly all my quotes came from my flow. Yeah. Everyone know that the DEA want fold. They'll play you like a troll and take you for some gold. If you let that happen. Yeah. they will take off your clothes and break yo jaw on the low you gotta duck from the blow
If you get out there and go, Mostly all the guys got nine to fives trying to stay alive. Man. I keep it alive. Watch the signs. don't be blind here . You can stop sell a nickel. And dime here I've been weighting it up since mama cried yeah, I'm a forced to be reckoning with When I grind yet. We know the time. Yeah. And there's a fork in the road. That's your sign. Yeah. They didn't know to believe that was the line. Later you see the sign in the sky. That's the sign neighbor now with the grind on his mind. Every time.player You know the real, in my mind all the time player