1. Loose Screw

From the recording RARE GEM

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Yeah, r n f move like chess. Tattooscared a bright star, sealed jar. Count that money if you need to recount. You know I parallel park up on the driveway, and that's level MD. That'swhat the sign said on the highway, look around blindsightfrom your car mane. duck the block and see If opps on the sidelane tinted windows. And they ain't no, and they ain't no about this quote. That'sall she wrote. I get that dough and everything—acar show. I bound back in, don't bend. I'm in the wind. Now I'm with trim. I wasmessing around with her best friend, and we just did what we had to do. I was perking too on the avenue. I'm trapping with you. I did what I had to do, and it's a curfew for all you young tramps fooling around with the old mac. I big back and booing.
Dealing, grinding, pursuing. fluent. I bought my girlfriend, and she bought her a gun. She be, on, getting that dought off the girl and the boy same time, lips pearls, up & down latitude inzone
Surrounded bycertain tools. If you didn't know the golden rule, don't hope you did. And you savaged to a piranhas tooth. A loose goose, a grapefruit, a pucker up for all your loose screws. I thought I would have a loose screw, but I had to dig deep into my jacket; I ain't even know her from my mattress. It was me and my boy and circumstance. she was asking me questions about romancing. Third-degreeholding on my arm, like baby, i'm colder. hold me tight, and what you can't see, you can't plan, and you can see. It's are land; mostly everybody knows Shinobi, but he doesn't even get close to the gun smoke.
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