1. Sandwich Bag

From the recording RARE GEM

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Yeah. Ain't know nothing about this. Nah, he ain't know nothing about it. Cold, cold, cold, cold game for straight hustlers. Yeah. Everyday If you ain't know nothing then you goin to learn something. You going to know something. Yeah. You going know something. sandwich it up and bag up rice always enjoy your life. if not cop skin tissue. cadillac converter issue. this barrel gonna twist you if it gets outta hand. siblings going to kiss you reluctant sick flu Doc Akil the man. Ah, came through. Yeah. Solidified purchase on retail If it was wrapped up, it was wrapped up nice. Nice. I grow up and I did not lose anysize concubines Separate with time Qul holds Quran pray for the city kind of tricky how they chase down ricky I'm witty, witty, witty. Percocets & Zanies medicated idled on a clutch be leaning on the broke crutch hurt me to my heart how they be giving up I need everything double up. Yeah. And if you know my name, you know that I came through. to spit that pain carve that in your brain. gotta get paid competition is glazed I get ready to open up shop from nine to five. while you still getting high.if you going to laugh might as well cry.