1. Whale

From the recording RARE GEM

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Yeah cause I had dope and I ain't had nothing to sell cause I'm short on clientele but I always use my scale. Yeah. And you snitches be following my trail everything that happened its sealed me and you are always aware and something got you here. Give me everything. while I pay my bills and you know I get that money. I'm a whale Yeah you filled my cup
ya. 91 Octane know my name and everything that you had was arranged. give me a chance world. I don't want you in vain. padlockstight on the brain And if you didn't know anythinggirl you know my name. You know I pull up in that thang a fast lane, a block away. Me and Chuck , different he rock them rocks away. I got them EB LDS with them Docs in place Level MD with the paint stain. She ain't know my gang but she know my game at eastern time. stock exchange? Yes. Up and down a gas wide range. in my quarter jar a Combination lock I'll get your lock off. And look at the game. Lois Lane, I'm not Clark Kent. watch that blimp, what the world like a live show watch the light glow that's keebeez right there. And he ask me was I squeezing his chick. I dunno why he thought that I was so tempted but it ain't like that. I don't need that pick give your woman a nice home everything thats built can you see Granite it was all that stone and you know that risk was it all that. And you can have that dish because I don't need that mind on the money. and you know that recount the money and let it fall flat and everything that build up is right back you.know that we that champ