From the recording VIVID

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opportunities for the opportunist digital art cartoonist colorful computers fabrics match music Cupid engineer looped it so much style on repeat no sleep sleep GG and Kiki can't forget about Lele small parameter dodge City girl and boy you know they stay getting busy taking it to the box greasy he want a new trial wheelie good attorney stay with him crack valves meth clouds yelling overcrowds make a profit then back in the booth lrocc rocking three piece suit

They ain't nothing like you
you stay so true
your cars are coupes
She like grapefruit, be teaching the youth go hard like you 2x

got to sell it, if I don't that's bad business I need that money
Nose running pink bunny sticky honey the trap jumping looking sunny keep it running keep it running and running it up running it up running it up

Bags currency
medellini cream
Vaults in the scene
Money stack Kareem
Celine dream team
Operation nose bleed
Sniff the rat out with some old cheese Vacuum lock tight squeeze with a light breeze off the coast of Greece at least