From the recording VIVID

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What makes matters worse too much time and energy into something that's not worth soak up all the sun rays on gods green Earth until we buried in the dirt pain in the eyes you can tell they hurt force me into becoming a man and my adolescent couldn't tell that I had that work! I just got it from the next man now I'm equipped with a mathematical plan. We shall overstand you abide by this commit a crime and risk you not smart you wish. Grind and grit passionate with my wife time to kiss game time call it blitz I'll be right back with a better flip keys and dip cars and kits lines and scripts bloods and crips conniving chick with a diamond wrist glass of Chris cheese and grits I plead the fifth just parked the whip for a side of shrimp lobster bisque stacks of chips posing for flicks in the cement are you ride the bench