From the recording VIVID

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Growing up the way we had to come up trying to figure out what's the purpose sit back and watch the Earth twist concrete abyss adolescence with a glimpse thinking life is just some type of partying and b******* education is the key why you didn't help me my boat was about to sink separate the link marble floors penthouse suites and then they asked me how do you forgive Jay sweets sometime you cats don't recognize beef what's the purpose of being 6 ft when the kids got to eat your terminology weak running around all week from pillow to post I suppose you know everything huh where's the work ethic what happened to turning one into two watching out for the boys in blue every word is truth digging deep for root ocean waves with passion fruit salute recoup new coupe retractable roof prison bars in the booth fell to his death now you got the juice she loose just watching The view I don't think he had no clue beats for meditation divided nation light a candle for elevation greetings and salutations constellations stars in The matrix Sudan Hussein gifts gold AK clip championship pop bottles of ChRIS on business trip computer engineer with the microchip technology database with no dust from fingerprints