From the recording VIVID

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Why worry about the cost
I’m a boss
I’m a floss
Dripping with the sauce
Why you lost
My god my god
My god my god
Good graces

Old statements
court cases
Oil paintings
nice fragrance
Tennis bracelets
Banquet vanquish
Ricky lake shift
Cool water cologne
Kit With a Matching blanket
For your snuggle bunnies on your dayshift i Come equip with Listerine With a small case carry-on carry-on carry-on
My day is gone my day is gone

She been twirling in my hair all day
I’m trying to make a play Either running it up running it down really doesn’t matter to me as I service the ground i’m gonna get my rounds I’m gonna get my rounds my rounds my rounds

I thought we step in the name of love
thought we stepping in the name of love sled blood for me I’ll sled blood for you you know I’m true You know true