From the recording VIVID

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flag United States. Choppers swirling coastline Keys. Emerald waters fishing nets pleasant breeze "America dream"-

the process
Long lines. Immigration Babies crying, arguments over paperwork, interviews TV news

what you call yourself Akil Montana Where'd you learn how to make money

My old man --I always know, one day playing in Sand
What kind of work you do refinery. construction hard hat

....12 hours a day and you never own nothing? ate octopus three times a day octopus coming out my ears, There's a certain eloquence to the man`s plea but
it falls on disbelief

So what'd you tell them?
I told them what you told me to tell them. I told them I was in sanitation

I didn't tell you sanitation. I told you to tell them you was in a sanitarium, not sanitation.

That gold dust blowing in the wind.
Y'see Manny, he's always looking over his gem's he's not tripping off rims he continued to spend
Rhythm within with his back to the wind slip in transmission got him relentless on a mission and Hell's kitchen purr
from the engine German engineering

Chicho grab the yayo
Sayso I know let's go
Flip dough on snow
It's cold you told
My road let's go
Let's go

if I'm not out in 5 minutes
Come in for me
Guns blazing
Changing faces
Court cases
Erase it
Now you face less
For that gay s***
How about we start over and I come back in
Getting acquainted
Conversation tainted
Aim it lane switch

Now I'm lit
Sherman stick for you cowards that like to drip
Follow the script
Drug dealing my connect
But I'm at the bottom of the rink started like a small fish now I'm in the shark tank
While I roll in Bank offshore accounts to hold my weight did you notice the small scar on my face