1. Lying

From the recording Focus

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Lying acting as if he was telling the truth

supposed to be jumping out a Benz Coupe

ready to put a hole in the roof

backstabbers Envy the truth

take off my shoes hand them to you

I survived my route

want me to put you on to

like I didn't work hard to see my view stick a fork in him he's overdue

after all these years I finally understand the truth

powerful words I possess in the booth

Sunshine through you know I stand tall when I Glide smooth getting money shouldn't be a crime dude

2nd Ver

Didn't think I needed to tell you

because you know you always lying

why I was trying to get a job because I thought you was trying to make money

hair, lips, nails
Pedicure Chairs

sophisticated lies will have a brother. Baptized

if you're not a significant Wise Guy

repos in evictions

surviving Hell's Kitchen did I forget to mention what about all the food in the kitchen

your husband pays close attention tried to address me as mentions

Fatal Attraction bipolar Collision