1. Believe You

From the recording RWTB

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Shit outta luck

My cousin never met his son
He was so young
Coward clapped his lung
You lose you won
You dumb shooting your gun
You not smart hit your mark
Sparks aardvark
Play Your Part
Where is your heart
Light shed in the dark

Don't make
Don't make
Don't make
no sense
to me
I don't
I don't
believe you

Your little man
Preach a good word
Even though you're not here in a physical form
Spiritual enlightenment
see in your first born
had to bury your second
didn't get to spend time regret it living reckless next minute a deathwish can't sleep at night restless don't ask God why sometime we got to cry
Holding so much pain inside hopefully he's not institutionalize when he step out the pin either you goin fall we win even though the government tax every cent I love scratch what it did