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Asking me questions that you already know I'm paying my car note I'm not getting repoed Furious bars that's lethal yeah you cute but you see through who you ice veins Sub-Zero intended target profit margin if we're not talkin about making money off money you wasting equity who you know another niggar that's hotter than me mind read blind leap small seed

Learn court is adjourned pulling up to the projects like big worm I need my money smokey what I supposed to do let you work me have your ass ducking and dodging in the chicken coop No Ceilings in the coop utensils in the drug booth critical path double block and bleed hop skip and a jump to succeed in weed from crawling on my knees to the

top shelf balcony Scene heart not in the right place we drown and bleed are you succeed read consciously intrigued grind pumping in the Jeep New Jack City Under Siege Forest Whitaker perfect picture newport's and liquor food stamps and triggers stop in the breath Kodak picture one last sip from the glass pitcher got me calling up to God quicker dying from the Bear Hands from another measly digger backflip off the Curve cinematic motion picture