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Watching the clock
Ready to go
12 hour shift
cutting my check

Tax in my s***
Busting my ass
Sweatin the bag

He flossing a Jag
Leaving a match
Striking a blast
Settle for less

You happy you sad
Patiently waiting stuff in the Mac
Right on your
Walking away
Put in the past
keys on the dash
Laugh gas
Back to the bank
Open the safe
Catching the case
f****** Jakes
Knowing my face
Cousin convey
Seattle the place
Covered in grapes
Scar on the face
guarding the place
knowing the case
Smoked steak
Palin my plate
Veggies in crate
racing Wraith
Cutting cake
Salad today
Saying my grace
Oil of Olay
Cover her face
Styling and Lace
running the race
Burning like mase
Flower in vase

Are you ready
Let's go I don't need mo
My cup on full
I'm ready to hit the flo
I don't know
How I'm getting home
Imma go crazy on this motherfucking song
Mo drank mo smoke I'm in my zone
Can't tell me shit in my zone
When I'm on I'm on my zone leave
Me alone

Shoes matching my sweater
sweater matching my tie
she watching my fly metal frame cover my eyes exotic whips facing the signs
Park & Grind she fine a rich man's dream a broke man's fantasy

I'm clocking time

Stepping back out talkin my s***
She choosin and watching the whip
Walking bow-legged with hips
Counting my chips
Eat then I dip
Moet and Chris
Styling with kicks
Posing for flick
Cinnamon stick
Counting a grip
You wildin in s***
Chasing a trick
laughing at s***
Chandelier ornaments
Out of the crib smoking a rib cracking crab watching my dad Talkin that gag